New York has practically every transportation option under the sun. Why did the city need another one?

Strange as it may sound, we founded Car Service NYC because we felt New York was missing something.

We wanted to create a transportation option that offered a higher standard of professional service, which was incredibly convenient and used all the latest technology – all while remaining competitively priced. That’s what Car Service NYC is all about.

It’s why we invest in late-model vehicles, professional drivers, and a superior level of service, while cutting-edge technology and communications keep us competitive. It’s why we’re passionate about customer service and use customer feedback to improve. And it’s why we take reliability so seriously that if your vehicle is more than 15 minutes late, your ride is on us.

Car Service NYC aims to be everything New York City needs in transportation – in one place, at great value. The next time you’re looking for car service, we’d love to offer you a ride.