Riders' Benefits

Why ride with Car Service NYC? Ultimately, it’s about professional service, constant reliability, and great value, but there are some more specific benefits too. 


No surge pricing

We never use surge pricing, so there’s never a nasty price surprise if you ride with us at a busy time. 

Safe, trained drivers

Not everyone is qualified to be a Car Service NYC driver. Our drivers are experienced, they complete defensive driving courses and they pass rigorous background checks. They’re good communicators. And they have all the latest technology to help them do their jobs even better. 

Guaranteed on-time pickup

We take being on time very, very seriously. If your car is more than 15 minutes late, the ride is on us. It’s that simple.

Local New York Knowledge

Driving in New York City is not as simple as following a GPS (although our drivers have those, too). Our drivers actually know the streets, they know the routes, and they know the city. It makes a big difference.