How do I make a reservation? 

The easiest way is online. But we also take reservations by email at reservations@carservice.nyc.

What information do I need to make a reservation?

We’ll need to know how many passengers there will be, as well as their names, pickup and drop off locations, contact details, any flight details, and how you’d like to pay. Also let us know if you have any other needs, such as a child seat, female-friendly service, or pet accommodations. 

Can I change the details of my trip after I’ve been picked up?

If you want to change any essential information about your route, including your final destination, please call us and we'll handle the details. Additional charges may apply. 

What are your cancellation policies? 

Our cancellation policies depend on the car type, pick-up location, and when you cancel your reservation – they’re set out below. (You can cancel without charge unless otherwise indicated.) Our cancellation policies also apply to no-shows. Cancellations outside these time frames will result in a charge of the full fare plus any applicable tolls.

Car Type Pickup DestinationCancellation Rules 
Sedans & SUVs
Within NYC Any Up to 1 hour before scheduled pickup 
Outside NYC Any Up to 6 hours before scheduled pickup
Stretch Limousines, Antiques, Shuttle Vans, and Limo Vans Within NYC NYC Airport Up to 3 hours before scheduled pickup

Outside NYC NYC Airport Up to 6 hours before scheduled pickup
NYC Airport Any Up to 3 hours before scheduled pickup
Any Any destination other than an NYC Airport Up to 24 hours after placing the reservation

Can cancel up to 24 hours before pickup time, but a 25% cancellation fee applies

Specialty Vehicles (Buses, Antiques, etc.) Any Any  Up to 24 hours after placing the reservation

Can cancel up to 72 hours before pickup time, but a 25% cancellation fee applies


How do I get a receipt?

All receipts are sent by email. 

Is the tip included in the fare? 

Yes, a 20% tip is included in the total fare of every trip. When you ride with us, there’s no need to tip – the driver has been taken care of.

What credit cards do you accept? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club.

When will you charge my credit card?

We take an authorization on the card to ensure funds are available. We usually do this 24 to 48 hours before your trip. The authorization will show as "Pending" on your credit card transaction list online. If the authorization is higher than the expected charges, don’t worry – that’s done just in case you decide to make extra stops or change your destination. The correct amount will be charged to your card once the trip is completed.

Can I use my credit card to pay for a vehicle for somebody else?


Do you accept checks?

Only if you have a corporate account and you’re paying your monthly invoice. Car Service NYC drivers do not accept checks.

If I have a lot of luggage, can I put large or oversized luggage inside the car?

Unfortunately, no. Large luggage can damage the vehicle’s interior, which makes it harder for us to offer a comfortable ride for the next passenger. However, if you are traveling with more than three large or oversized pieces of luggage, we can arrange a SUV and/or a passenger van for you.

Do you allow pets in your vehicles?

Yes, but pets must be in a secure pet carrier at all times, and you’ll need to tell us when making a reservation that a pet will be traveling in the vehicle.

When booking an airport pickup, what time should I make the car reservation for?

Set the pickup time for when the flight is scheduled to land, unless you want to be picked up at a different, specific time. If you want to be picked up at a different time, we’ll still need your flight information just in case. (We don’t charge you if your flight is delayed; see the question below.)

Will I be charged if my flight is delayed?

No, if your flight is delayed and the updated information is posted on the airline's website, you won’t be charged. If your flight lands on time but is delayed on the runway, you get 30 minutes’ waiting time on domestic flights and 45 minutes’ waiting time on international flights. Waiting charges will only begin after the waiting time has expired.

What should I do once I land at the airport?

Call once you collect your luggage at the baggage claim and make your way to the passenger pickup area. If for any reason you can’t find your driver, please call us.

I lost an item in one of your vehicles. How can I get it back?

We can’t (and don’t) take responsibility for lost or misplaced items. But if you realize you have lost or forgotten something, call us, and we’ll have the driver search for the item. If we find it, you can pick it up or we can drop it off for a fee.

Do you call passengers when the car is at the pickup location?

Yes, we will contact you (or the passenger, if you’ve booked for someone else). However, if you’re not ready at the scheduled time, you may need to pay waiting charges.